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When looking for a locksmith that is near Davie Fl, we are here.
Trusted professional lock and key service since 1978.
Serving all of Broward, North Dade & Palm Beach County.
Always use a local locksmith that is close and near where you need service.
Fast service is sometimes needed, especially when locked out.
Commercial, residential and auto / car lock services available.
24 hour roadside assistance for when you need us most.
When moving into a new business or home, always have your locks rekeyed.
Electric locks, push button locks and high security.
We are your 1 stop lock and key locksmith service near Davie.
Car keys replaced, cars opened, lockouts, locks rekeyed and repaired.
Emergency locksmith near DavieCar Key auto locksmith near zip codeLock repair and install residential locksmiths near Davie

We have Davie locksmith technicians near you at all times.
We always want to send the most qualified for the job.
We do all types of lock, key and security services.
We have safe, auto, commercial, residential, and auto technicians.
And a few of us are "Master Locksmiths" we do it all.
There are many different aspects of the locksmith business.
We change combinations on safes as well as push button keypad locks.
We have technicians on call 24 hours a day for any emergency.
Sometimes we forget the key in the car.
And sometimes the lock on the front door breaks.
We are always available to get you in when locked out.
Always have your locks rekeyed when moving in Davie.

Safe combination locksmith near Safe Service Safe cracking, combination change, safe repair

Do you need a safe repaired or a combination changed?
We repair most brand name safes. If you lost the combination, we can open your safe and give you a new combination.
Push button keypad locks changed over from dial safes.
Most times you can choose your own combination.
Do not ever set a safe combination to a birthday or a anniversary.
If anything set it backwards, because thieves know this.

Lock repair near Locks installed and repaired locksmith near zip code

We install and repair all major brand name locks.
Deadbolt locks to crashbar and electronic locks.
If the lock can be repaired, we will do it.
Specialty installations with fabrication if needed.
We always get you secured.

Lost car key auto locksmith replacement programing Car key replacements Ignition repair and replacement auto locksmith near zip code

24 hour emergency roadside locksmith car key replacement service.
We come to you and program your key or fob transponder on site.
Ignition repair and replacement if needed.
Get a spare car key duplicated before you have none.
We also replace lost scooter and motorcycle keys.

Electric strike repair near zip code Magnet locks & electric strikes installed Magnet locks installed near locksmith zip code

All electric magnet and electric strike locks repaired and installed.
Access control systems with electric card reader & keypad repair.
Combinations changed on keypads. Lock codes reset.
Site sytems installed for multi door security.
Audit trail, know who, when and where.
Pushbutton codes, card swipe, bio, or proximity fobs.
We install and repair all systems, give us a call.

Panic bar / Push bar crashbar exit device Commercial fire exit crash bar, exit bar lock. Detex alarm back door lock

Almost all back doors on businesses have a fire approved exit device.
There are many different names such as Alarm lock, push bar, crash bar.
All have to be so in case of fire, everyone can easily exit.
No finding knobs to turn, just push, and you are out.
These type of locks have saved thousands of lives.

Broken house lock locked out locksmiths near me Keys locked in the car / house - lockout service keys locked in the car lockout service near

Fast locksmith service near you to get keys out of locked car.
We open the trunk lock as well, sometimes keys are locked in trunk.
Broken house key or broken door lock, locked out?
We can open your house and repair or replace your broken door lock.
Emergency locksmith service near me

Mul T Lock deadbolt locksmith near zip code Medeco / Mul T Lock DeadboltsMedeco lock repair near me

Our lock technicians also install high security locks.
We recomend a Medeco or a Mul T Lock deadbolt on all exterior doors.
These type of locks can not be picked open.
Key duplication is only done when authorized by owner.
Drill resistant and burglar proof.
This lock will still be locked when the door frame is broken down.
Wood and metal door installations, special bolts are used when metal door.
Double cylinder deadbolts are used when a door has glass that could
be broken to reach through.

Master key systems

Have 1 key to work all the doors at the office while each person has their own key to open just their lock.
Master key and grand master key systems designed to fit your needs.
Locks keyed alike and in pairs.
We key the locks the way you need them to work.
Apartment complex and business plaza systems.

Locksmith property managment security Locksmith property managment near

When tennants leave you should have the locks changed or rekeyed.
We do this for many plazas and real estate people.
When a lock breaks or need s repair, we are right there.
We have a 24 hour emergency service for all hours.
All of your tenants will have someone to help with the locks.
Master key systems on most commercial properties.
Locks repaired, replaced and installed.
Electric locks, buzzer door locks, mag locks, keypads.
We are a full line commercial lock and key service.

boat keys and lock repair, key replacement locksmith Boat / Yacht - Locks & Keys Yachy cabin, galley door lock repair

Yacht locks / boat locks / repair & replace, lost boat keys replaced.
Jet ski key replacements made on site.
Boat trailer locks taken off & opened.
Yacht lock rekey and lock replacements.

Commercial locksmiths near commercial locksmiths near me

Commercial locksmith and security services.
Servicing all electric strike locks, & Mag lock systems.
Master keying, fire door lock repair and replacements.
Crash bar repair and replacements.
Detex alarm locks installed and serviced.
Filing cabinet locks and desk drawer locks.
Safes installed, repaired and combinations changed.

Residential locksmiths near Residential locksmith near

Houses, apartments, townhomes & condo's.
We are professional residential locksmith technicians.
I say this because we study where the crooks get in and their new ways.
If there is a weak place that is accessable, we fix it.
Do not let shrubs or bushes block the view of your windows.
Install lights for dark places that crooks would like.
A good deadbolt on all outside doors is a must.
Sliding doors need additional locks installed.
Hurricane proof glass is a great idea.

Auto locksmith near zip code
I locked the keys in the car againCar keys programed, auto locksmiths near meKeys locked in the car / car lockout locksmith

Keys locked in the car locksmith service near your zip code.
Car unlocking and trunk unlock service.
We have auto locksmith technicians near you.
Key duplicate replacements made and programed.
Ignition repair and replaced if needed.
Vandalism and attempted auto theft and recovery repairs.
We will get your vehicle rolling to get you home.
Auto, Car, Truck, Motorcycle, Boat, ATV, Scooter.
We replace and duplicate lost, stolen, or broken keys for all vehicles.

Smart locks, Remote access, Wifi locks near

Lock technology today is outstanding.
Remote locks that can be unlocked from a different location.
Change the access code from afar.
You can program the lock on site or from any location.
Delete and program new codes in seconds.
Add a code for a friend or a new tennant.
You can have 1 time codes or a regular user code.
Smart lock technology is here, and it is very useful.

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